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Conference: Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods - CARME 2015

CARME 2015 is the seventh in a series of international conferences on multidimensional graphical techniques and the analysis of large data sets, especially categorical data. This conference will take place 20-23 September, 2015 at the seaside Conference Centre Frederico II in Naples, Italy. You can find further information on the CARME network website: or by contacting the local organizer Simona Balbi at


Workshop: Applied Statistical Genetics for Population-Based Association Studies

This workshop, presented by Andrea Foulkes, with Michael Greenacre running the R practical sessions in the afternoon, is hosted by the BBVA Foundation in Madrid, 13-14 October 2011. The workshop begins by providing a general overview of genetic association studies and related genetic data concepts. Topics covered include types of investigations, linkage disequilbrium and Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, as well as the role of population substructure on associated measures and tests. Further, three analytical challenges common to these settings are described, namely multiplicity, ambiguity in phase and high-dimensionality. Selected analytic approaches are presented that specifically address these challenges, including multiple testing adjustments, haplotype reconstruction methods and tree-based approaches for discovery of gene-gene and gene-environment interactions. This course is intended for medical and public health investigators with elementary knowledge of statistical concepts at the level of a first course in statistics or biostatistics. Supplemental materials will be provided for the more advanced student.

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An international meeting on Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods (CARME) will take place in Assos, Turkey, from Saturday 1 October to Tuesday 4 October, 2011. Assos (Turkish name: Behramkale) is on the northern Aegean coast of Turkey, directly opposite the Greek island of Lesbos. It is historically associated with Aristotle, who lived there for three years (346-344 BC), was married there, and became the leader of a group of philosophers and scientists who started to formulate the classification of plants, animals and insects. The meeting is an offshoot of the quadriennial CARME conferences, the sixth of which took place in Rennes, France, in February 2011. Also included are excursions to local places of cultural and archaeological interest.

You can find further information on the CARME network website:

The 9th Tartu Conference on Multivariate Statistics & The 20th International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics

The conference and workshop is hosted by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, University of Tartu, Estonia. Tartu University is among the oldest universities in the Nordic-Baltic area, founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustav II Adolph. Nowadays it is a modern, fast-growing university with high academic standards for both teaching and research. The Conference is held under the auspices of the Bernoulli Society. The conference will take place from 26 June to 1 July 2011.

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CARME 2011 Conference

The third CARME (Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods) Conference celebrating 50 years of Correspondence Analysis took place in Rennes, France, from 9 - 11 February 2011.

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Workshop BBVA Foundation: Biplots in Practice

The orientation of the workshop Biplots in Practice is towards understanding how the biplot functions and how it is applied in practice. Because of the universality and wide application of this methodology, the workshop is aimed at a wide audience of researchers in all disciplines, as well as statisticians and computer scientists interested in this subject. During the workshop applications will be presented in many different fields of the social and natural sciences, including three detailed case studies where the biplot reveals structure in large complex data sets in genomics (where thousands of variables are commonly encountered), in social survey research (where many categorical variables are studied simultaneously) and ecological research (where relationships between two sets of variables are investigated). The Workshop FBBVA took place in Madrid, Spain, 4-6 October 2010.
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